Success at last!

We were on the bus at 7:30 for a kangaroo hunt. The bus went through Mudgee, but not out of the little town.  We turned down a street, and there they were. Kangaroos at last.

I had to use my telephoto lens, but you should be able to see them clearly in the photos. I also took a number of little videos with one being extremely humorous as a big kangaroo hopped down the side of the hill and then fell off right into the ditch for some unknown reason. I thought I’d be able to upload that video, but I can’t until I get home. So be watching for my last blog, “Mr. Kangaroo takes a dive.”

After throroughly enjoying the kangaroos, we hopped on the bus and headed out for the Blue Mountains. On the way it started to rain and was foggy.  It never let up. We were supposed to see The Three Sisters near Katoomba at Echo Point, three pillars of stone, but they were completely shrouded in fog. I found a photo on Flickr taken by someone named Leslie Lewis of what we would have seen today. I’m so sorry we missed it.

We ate at a sweet little village called Leura. We also found a quilt shop there and bought some wonderful fabric with Aboriginal designs.  The day before the guys had their John Deere shop, and today we found ours.

On the way back to Sydney, we watched a video about kangaroos called Kangeroos-Faces in the Mob. I copied the following description, and I would recommend seeing it despite the fact that it’s sad at the end.

For two years Australian film-makers Dr Jan Aldenhoven and Glen Carruthers lived with this mob in a remote valley of magical beauty. Share their compelling account of the day to day drama of kangaroo society.

Behind every face is a personality. Follow the destinies of two lovable young joeys – a female called Sunshade whose mother is conscientious and successful; and Jaffa, a little male full of curiosity and courage but whose mother is casual and forgetful.

We reached Sydney about 3:00 and thanked both Lesley, the Australian tour guide, and Leigh, our bus driver. They were both wonderful. We learned so much about Australia from Leslie, and Leigh was such a skilled driver. As one of the guys on the bus said to Leigh, “Can you just drive us home?” Good idea, I thought. So much more comfortable than the cramped quarters on the plane.

At 6:00, we gathered again for dinner at the Sydney Towers, a sister tower to the Space Needle even though it is twice as tall. I had a nice vegetarian main (entree) of chickpeas although it was salty and a tasty banana parfait dessert. Carol and Judy’s fish was way underdone, so as Carol said, “This may be our most expensive meal, but not our favorite.” The setting was gorgeous, however, and it was a wonderful way to end our time in Australia.

Tomorrow we are waking up very early to catch the 8:00 flight to New Zealand. I’ll probably get up about 4:45 so that I can put my big bag outside of my door for the porter at 5:10.  Poor Garrett has to come up to help me roll up my special pillow, but I’m on the top floor, 11, and he and Carol are on the 9th floor. We have been unable to figure out why we can’t have rooms next to each other as we did in Cairns.

We also change time again tomorrow. We will be 21 hours ahead of home. The confusion continues.

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