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September 18, Provo, UT to Moab UT

We headed out early today. 8:04 am to be exact. Highway 6 to I-70 and then 191 were all good roads even though a few of them were under construction. We reached Moab before noon and decided to eat an early lunch at Denny’s. Next door was the Super 8 Motel. We had reservations at the Quality Inn thanks to my brother Garrett, but we wanted to check to see if Super 8 was less expensive. It was, and so we cancelled our Quality Inn reservations and checked into the Super 8. The rate of $179 is ridiculous, but it is better than the $221 over at Quality Inn. Very high hotel rates in Moab.

To sum up the drive. “Wow! Look over there! Did you see that? Amazing.” And so on. One thing thing I noticed among many was that the landscape looked dark. Later on in the day, I learned that Utah has a lot of blackbrush plants which darkens the land.

I took photo after photo and then I thought about how hard my little camera was working to try to sum up the majesty spread out before me. What a place!

The guy at the Visitor Center in Moab gave us several recommendations on what to do while waiting to check in to our hotel at 3:00, so we chose to drive Potash Road, 279. The cliffs and scenery were stunning. We saw rock climbers practicing their skills and hikers. We also went to a visitors’ stop and did a little hiking to see the dinosaur tracks on the rocks. At the end was a potash production facility with some really strange looking buildings.

After we checked in, we continued on our plan and drove out to Canyonlands National Park to the Island in the Sky section. That’s where I took photos of the rocks, Merrimack and Monitor, and also saw my first natural rock arch, Mesa Arch. It required a little hiking, about a quarter of a mile, and this time Ken came with me. I was pretty excited about that! Then we drove out to Upheaval Dome before circling back through the park to exit.

Then it was on to Dead Horse Point State Park for the overlook of the La Sal Mountains at sunset. We also got to see more potash production from this view.

Home to Super 8. Tired. Beautiful, beautiful day. Temperature in the mid 80s. All is well.

Mosquito Update: Haven’t seen any so far.

Beehive Commendations: I have grown ever so fond of beehives. Look at the Utah road sign with the beehive on it! Commendation 1 to Garrett, my brother. He researched and then helped us secure “reasonable” (for Moab) accommodations. Commendation 2 to Ken. He was able to accompany me on our hike out to Mesa Arch. The walking was a little tricky and strenuous for him, but he did it!


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